Adobe Photoshop Express – A free app worth downloading for your phone

Winter forest by Rick Sturch

Have you ever wished you could have greater control over your smartphone photos? This free app is worth downloading.

Other photo sharing applications such as Instagram let you apply generic filters with pre-set adjustments. Adobe Photoshop Express gives you all the manual settings you would expect from a top-of-the-line photo editing software, for free. Settings such as exposure, contrast, saturation, red-eye reduction, cropping, rotating, auto-adjustment, and so on.

You can also make collages (like the picture above), and colour-correct images from within the collage. It’s a great feature.

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The Wave-Particle Duality and the Double Slit experiment

Caution: This may make your head spin.

In my latest photography blog post, I explore the weird phenomenon of how light – and matter – will sometimes behave as a wave, and sometimes as a particle.

Think about that one for a minute.

Imagine the universe like a video game. When you’re playing a video game, things are happening in that virtual world, even when they’re not being displayed on the computer/tv monitor. For example, a character may move in the background when you’re not facing them. When you do turn, though, the character will be in a different place from where you last saw them. The question is, did that character “exist” when you weren’t facing them?

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by Rick Sturch.

Tethering your computer to your phone – how to avoid unwanted data consumption

Rick Sturch Mobile Hotspot Wifi Tethering

Have you ever wondered why your computer uses so much of your phone’s data when you tether it for internet access? Well, wonder no more.

Something that you probably don’t often think about is all the background apps running when you use your computer. Many of them check for updates, automatically download updates, use data to update information (ie weather apps). All of these processes consume data, which is an issue when you have a limited amount of it.

The heaviest consumer of data, however, is often your operating system’s automatic updates.

If you are using Windows, there are some really easy solutions to this. For one, you can designate the network connection that your phone creates as a “metered connection”. When this setting is enabled, Windows updates will not download until your computer returns to a connection that is not metered. For more detailed instructions, visit here.

Alternatively, you can use Windows Firewall. You are able to restrict which apps are able to access the internet so that the background updating is restricted. If data is really tight, you can restrict all background apps except for the apps you need to use (such as a web browser).

If you own a Mac, or simply want an easier, more comprehensive solution, there is an app for that. It’s called TripMode 2 , and it claims to be the answer. Essentially, it blocks all apps from accessing the internet when connected to designated network connections – except the ones you want accessing the internet.

Full disclosure, I haven’t tried it yet since my laptop is not a Macintosh. However, it seems to have all the functionality so that when you go on a vacation out of the city, you won’t be reeling from expensive data overages.

by Rick Sturch